Parent direct mail marketing

Since the implementation of the latest GDPR regulations, contacting parents for many schools has become more complex, as data protection has restricted many of the ways you used to be able to contact parents. 

Our subscription based direct mail service removes those obstacles and provides a more qualified, direct and professional way to contact parents. 

We hold a database of families throughout the UK, all of which have subscribed to receive information about independent education. Our data holds information about families with children aged 0-18 years. Our data can be searched based on:

  • Child age - from mums-to-be to eighteen years
  • Child gender
  • Location - we cover the whole of the UK
  • Family income - we search from household income of £30k upwards
  • Postcode region - you can search based on postcode or drive radius

Based on your search criteria, we then provide you with details of how many families we have registered on our database. Our data is constantly updated and is not to be confused with a standard direct mail campaign. We only mail to families who are on our database, have agreed to receive information about education. Every family has subscribed to our database. Our data complies with the latest GDPR regulations and we provide this service to some of the biggest names in education. 

Over the last ten years we have helped a vast number of schools to make contact with parents in a unique way. Response rates from direct mail are significantly higher than other forms of advertising, and you are guaranteed that you only contact families who meet your exact criteria. 

We offer a complimentary data count for all schools, and if you would like to know how many families are registered in your area, use our parent data search form. 

We have samples of mailings that we have created for other schools available, call us for a sample pack and further details.