Live Event Streaming

Live video streaming gives you the ability to talk to customers directly via the web. New or existing customers can watch your live video broadcast and take part in the show. The live video feed includes a chat window where your viewers can interact during your broadcast. 
We work with companies like yours to promote products and services to businesses and members of the public using the power of video. 

Our studio is equipped with the latest technology to produce a fully immersive branded experience that your customers will love. We offer a free demonstration of our studio facilities and if you email us your logo and branding, we will even create a virtual studio as part of our demonstration. 
Live video really sells products and is a great way to deliver training to members of staff remotely. We create video for a wide range of clients, which include:

  • Training for NHS and Healthcare organisations
  • Training for accountants and solicitors
  • Advertising platform for cosmetics and beauty product manufacturers
  • Advertising platform for small start up businesses on social media 
  • Company introduction information for social media
  • Way to share company news with clients and to keep in touch 
  • Demonstration/tutorials for musical instrument manufacturers

Live webinars are an important element to any companies marketing and will be happy to discuss opportunities for your business to grow with live video broadcasting. Call us to arrange a demonstration on 01782 976 333