Education Live Video Broadcasts

Get ahead of your competitiors

Every school has a presentation video of some sort, but what if you could broadcast video and respond in real time to your viewers?

Lymebrook Media provides you with the ability to produce live video broadcasts that allow parents to ask questions and respond in the same way that they would by attending an open day. 

You can show parents around the school and then allow your viewers to ask questions at the end of the tour. We are unique in offering this cutting edge service to schools. 

Our live video webinars give you the ability to speak directly to parents. 
We help schools to be put directly in front of parents who are interested in independent education. Our live webinar service gives schools a brand new way to communicate with parents and allows you to talk directly with parents. 

Boarding schools can communicate with interested parents from any part of the world and parents in remote locations can interact with you live during the broadcast. The presentation is made available after broadcast and your message can be watched again and again.

How it works
Our team creates a unique school TV channel via the internet where parents can register to watch your broadcast. We work with you to promote your own online channel and set a date to broadcast your live webinar. 

We use the very latest broadcast equipment that gives you the ability to create your own virtual studio. Our system produces a professional TV broadcast that is streamed live to parents, and with our chroma key system, we can place you in any room in the school during the broadcast. 

Before the broadcast

We come into school and create a pre-recorded presentation that showcases the school's facilities. This video is used as a introduction to the live webinar and gives parents a unique insight into the school. 

Going Live
Because parents have to register to watch the broadcast, you know exactly how many parents are going to be watching and you can address each viewer personally. You can ask questions such as their children's age, children's interests and tailor the broadcast to your audience's requirements. 

Viewers can register questions before your broadcast and can also take part in polls. You can see all of the information that a parent has supplied after the show and you can see where viewers are based, giving you valuable marketing information.

Follow up after the webinar
Because every family has pre-registered, you are able to follow up each contact and ask what they thought of your school. In fact, you can then email viewers and invite them to school events and keep in touch. 

Example of live information available

As you can see from the image above, we have been asked 4 questions and have 106 viewers online for this particular broadcast. You can click on analytics and see a report giving you all of the details of your viewers. 

Unique way to be seen
We advertise to parents that your event is happening, and can create advertising for social media and press. 
You simply choose a date and time that you want to talk to parents and we then create a video event that parents can register to watch. 
This acts as a form of data capture and a way of keeping in touch with parents after the show. 

Reach parents around the world
This form of marketing is unique and provides parents with the ability to talk to you and your staff, and at the same time, interact from the comfort of their own home. It is ideal for busy parents who struggle to attend open days. 

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