Open Day Planning and Media

We work with independent schools to create open days and advertise open days that attract parents and increase attendance. 

Long gone are the days of simply advertising an open day and expecting parents to turn up. The education sector is more competitive than ever and parents are being marketed to constantly. 

Lymebrook Media works with schools to create successful, planned open days that have an educational event or theme that gives parents a reason to attend. We work with a wide network of professionals who provide educational events at your open day. 

We can work with your school to plan an open day that parents will want to attend and children will find educational and enjoyable. 

Past educational events have included travelling zoos, chocolate making workshops, music workshops in association with instrument manufacturers, and sporting events.

Our relationships with our educational partners means that we can work with you to create an open day that not only showcases your school's facilities, but gives parents a reason to attend. Some of the highest attended school open days have been thanks to our unique open day planning.

We help you with the planning, implementation, and marketing of the open day, and ensuring that your event is well publicised.