Live Webinar Broadcasting

As well as graphic design and print, Lymebrook Media produces digital media which includes video production and live web broadcasts. We have joined forces with Korg UK to produce a series of live webinars that teach owners of their products how to use them in a unique way

What is a webinar?
A webinar is a live video broadcast that your customers can watch via the internet. A webinar allows two way communication. Your viewers can watch and listen to your presentation and at the same time chat live, ask questions and even be asked to join in the broadcast as a live video feed. 

Webinars are the best way to promote a product to your customers and gather live feedback at the same time. Viewers can see your products and thanks to our newly installed green screen studio, we can brand a complete virtual studio with your organisations branding. 
We have worked with companies, charities and schools to produce live "webinars" where you talk to potential customers. Webinars can be watched by potential clients from around the world. Once broadcast, the video is available to re-watch 24-7 and can provide your clients with a valuable resource. 

If you are looking to launch a product, or maybe an education client who wants to talk to potential parents in a way that reaches worldwide, call us on 01782 976 333. Our studio is based in Staffordshire, why not call us and make an appointment to come and try our virtual studio for yourself.